How to save money using Zuddy
The search box

The simplest way to use Zuddy for price comparisons within Amazon is to use the search box. Just follow some simple tips to get best results.

...let's imagine you're looking for a set of LEGO to offer a toddler. Zuddy willl present you the available prices on the various Amazon online stores.

Tip 1: Zuddy is not Google.

It will only search for products on Amazon online stores: it will not be able to find results for generic queries.

Search for lego for babies
... only out of pure chance you will get any valid results, as there are not any products named "lego for babies"
Search for lego duplo
...“duplo” is the name for the LEGO theme designed for children aged 1½ to 5 years old.

Tip 2: Use brand references

If you know the brand reference or part number the product you're looking for (you found it on Google or on physical shop), use it together with the brand name. You will get better results.

On the same scenario, let's imagine you held the LEGO set you want to buy and took note of it's reference number: it's the LEGO set number 10508.

Search for 10508
... yes, the LEGO reference is 10508, but many other brands can be using that same number as a brand reference for their own products.
Search for lego 10508
...will present you with information about that LEGO set and, eventually, about related lego sets.

Tip 3: Use international reference codes

If you know the product barcode, Zuddy will be able to return information on that product and that product alone.


Most products have unique worldwide barcode that you can search for using xxxxxxxxxxxxx (being xxxxxxxxxxxxx the barcode number)

As an example, the barcode for LEGO set number 10508 is 5702015153584. To check this product prices, you could search for 5702015153584.


The ISBN (International Standard Book Number), is a unique numeric commercial book identifier, assigned to each edition and variation (except reprintings) of a book.

Every commercial book has an ISBN, typically printed on its back cover and you can search for it entering the ISBN code.

As an example, the ISBN for the Hamlet (The RSC Shakespeare) is 9780230217874. To check the prices for this book, you could search for 9780230217874.

Tip 4: Use the ASIN code

The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is the unique identifier for a product among its online shops.

If you're a regular Amazon user, you can grab the product ASIN (it's on the "Product Details" section on every Amazon product page) and compare prices between all Amazon shops by searching that ASIN code.

Following the same LEGO example, the ASIN for the LEGO set number 10508 is B07NQZXN8N - just search for B07NQZXN8N to compare prices.

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